Clinical prediction of psychopathological syndrome-making (summary in english full text in ukrainian)


In spite of more than century-long history of studies of psychopathological syndromes their nature, ways of forming, specificity, prediction and outcome remain unclarified. The existing point of view: clinic-descriptive, phenomenological and scales of certain psychopathologic disorders narrows the possibilities of prediction of clinical outcome and therapeutic approaches. The present investigation is an effort to unify semiotics, scales, phenomenological and clinic-comparative analysis for prediction of forming of psychopathologic syndromes in accordance to the existing classifications of mental disorders: ICD-10 and DSM-IV. As a result of studying 60 patients with somatoform disorders it became possible to formulate the hypothesis of forming of the predominate syndrome that includes the disorders in apperceptive, affective, cognitive and bodily spheres.

Full text in the Ukrainian version:

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