Long acting and social rehabilition of schizophrenic patients (summary in english full text in ukrainian)

Кафедра психіатрії та психотерапії, Львівський державний медичний університет


Long acting neuroleptics: Haloperidol Decanoate, Fluphenazine Decanoate and Pipothiazine Palmitate(Piportil L4) were administered to 90 chronic schizophrenic patients. The period of studies lasted for 5 years. The research demonstrates that long acting neuroleptics have great influence upon the social adaptation of schizophrenic patients. Especially effective appeared to be PIPORTIL L4 which prominently influenced the patients ability for social contacts, satisfying all the necessary needs, fullfilling everyday activities. Thus we come to a conclusion that long acting neuroleptics are the potent method of influence not only for main psychopathologic symptoms but for social adaptation of chronic schizophrenic patients as well.

For the full text go to the Ukrainian version Олександр Мироненко: НЕЙРОЛЕПТИКИ ПРОЛОНГОВАНОЇ ДІЇ І СОЦІАЛЬНА РЕАБІЛІТАЦІЯ ХВОРИХ НА ШИЗОФРЕНІЮ.

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