Bodily algic obsession (summary in english full text in ukrainian) presented at the Ukranian - Italian Meeting "Psychopharmacotherapy and Psychotherapy" , Lviv, 9-11 October 1998

Кафедра психіатрії та психотерапії, Львівський державний медичний університет


The research of somatoform pain disorders has been performed with the aid of phenomenological description and psychopatological analysis and with usage of experimental psychological methods. All data were revised with claster and correlation analysis. It has been proved that somatization and conversion pain constitute a uniform group of psychogenous algias and idiopathic pains have the common features with typical signs of obsessive syndrome. The new typology of somatoform algic conditions and obsessive disorders has been proposed as well as the new term "bodily algic obsessions".

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