vol. 1, num. 1, 2003

Dissociative Phenomena. Questions and Answers.

Editors: Mario Di Fiorino and Maria Luisa Figueira

Treatment of Dissociative Disorders

Maria Luisa Figueira

Treatment of Dissociative Disorders

Summary. The dissociative disorders have complex clinical presentations, for which no single treatment guideline can be developed. Treatment plans should obey not only to the best knowledge available for each sub type of dissociative disorder, but also to the individual characteristics of each patient. History of childhood trauma should be careful identified; personal characteristics such as suggestibility should be taken into account; severity of symptoms and interference with daily life could be an indication for a more intensive and acute approach. In summary, the treatment of Dissociative disorders should be conducted from different approaches, combining psychological and pharmacological interventions. Due to the lack of systematic and controlled trials to test the effectiveness of different drugs and psychotherapies, all modalities of treatment should be used with clinical caution and careful monitorization.

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