vol. 1, num. 1, 2003

Dissociative Phenomena. Questions and Answers.

Editors: Mario Di Fiorino and Maria Luisa Figueira

Factitious Disorders: the Münchausen and Ganserian patients

Mario Di Fiorino

Factitious Disorders: the Münchausen and Ganserian patients

Summary. The relationship amongst Ganser syndrome, Münchausen syndrome and Malingering have not yet been fully clarified.
The Author describes the hesitations in the nosografic placing of the Ganser syndrome in D.S.M, and the different interpre-tations of Ganserian manifestations.
Reading the original descriptions of the clinical cases by Ganser and Asher, the Author shows that today, according to the criteria of DSM IV, we would have to diagnose malingering.
In conclusion, also according to clinical experience of the Author, it is not useful to underline too the finding of external incentives. Two points are recommended: 1) the longitudinal exam (explaining the limits of a cross evaluation); 2) a dimensional perspective, with the description, e.g. of the dissociative symptoms.

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