vol. 1, num. 1, 2003

Dissociative Phenomena. Questions and Answers.

Editors: Mario Di Fiorino and Maria Luisa Figueira

A Presentation

Bridging Western and Eastern Psychiatry (the journal and the website http://www.psyter.org.) will be focused in the exchanges between the western and eastern european psychiatric culture regarding its similarities and differences. The purpose is to bring together a wide range of approaches. Exploiting some of the differences we found a more classic nosological culture, strongly based on the psychiatric classic literature in eastern psychiatry, versus a more pragmatic and evidence based approach in western psychiatry.
Our journal will be scientific grounded and professional orientated, with educational goals toward the Mental Health workers, both of Eastern and Western Europe.
The conferences, that have been organized in the past years involved hundreds of colleagues, broadening the exchange of knowledge and practices.

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