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Мост между Восточной и Западной психиатрией

Bridging Eastern and Western Psychiatrists is published in two volumes mailed semiyearly by Leopolis agency, 79000 Efremov str. 4/5, Lviv, Ukraine.

The first volume is published in English, the second in Russian. The journal is aimed to increase relationshiops between Eastern and Western psychiatrists. It organizes conferences and promotes collaborative works and educational programs. Editorial rules

The first volume Bridging Eastern and Western Psychiatrists -Мост между Восточной и Западной психиатрией is dedicated to Dissociation.

Dissociative Phenomena. Questions and Answers.
Editors: Mario Di Fiorino and Maria Luisa Figueira


Part I
Maria Luisa Figueira and Mario Di Fiorino: An Introduction

Salomon Resnik (Paris, France) Dissociations and "derealistic" associations of the mind in psychosis

Lara Severino (Lisbon, Portugal) Dissociative phenomena: from normal experiences to pathological symptomatology

Part II » Biological aspects of Dissociation
Nash Boutros, (Yale, USA) EEG and dissociation Theoretical Implications

E.M: Krupitsky, A.M. Burakov, T.N. Romanova, I.V. Dunaevsky, R.J Strassman., N.I. Grinenko A.Y Grinenko (St Petersburg, Russia): Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (Kpt) Of Heroin Addiction:Immediate Effects And Twelve Months Follow-Up .

J. Douglas Bremner (Atlanta, USA ) Clinical, Legal and Scientific Issues Related to Delayed Recall of Childhood Abuse

Part III » The clinical and therapeutical perspectives
Manuel Paes de Sousa (Lisbon, Portugal): Pseudo-Dementia and the Dissociative Phenomena.

Mario Di Fiorino (Viareggio, Italy) : Factictious Disorders :the Münchausen and Ganserian patients.

Richard Kluft (Philadelphia, USA): The Multiple Personalities.

Christa Krüger Werdie van Staden (Pretoria, South Africa) Conversion a Dissociative Symptom?

Rasim Somer Diler (Balcalı, Adana, Turkey): Dissociative and conversion disorder in children and adolescents

Johan Vanderlinden Walter Vandereycken (Leuven, Belgium) Basic steps to (re)-gain control in patients with a history of trauma, dissociation, and/or impulse dyscontrol problems

Johan Vanderlinden, Walter Vandereycken (Leuven ; Belgium) Integration of hypnotic techniques in the treatment of patients with a history of trauma, dissociation, and/or impulse dyscontrol problems

Maria Luisa Figueira (Lisbon, Portugal ): The therapeutical perspectives

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